The most beautiful part of a man’s body I think it must be there, where the torso sits on and, into the hips, those twin delineating curves, feminine in grace, girdling the trunk, guiding the eyes downwards to their intersection, the point of pleasure. Duane Michals, 1986

Pink Lisianthus by Khánh Hmoong on Flickr.

JACK KEROUAC (March  12, 1922 - October 21, 1969)

« He [Kerouac] was an athletic prose writer and he was tremendously honest. He gave himself to his art and I think he was one of the great prose writers in America. Perhaps in America, itself, the single greatest in the twentieth century. His breakthrough to a realization of spontaneous mind and the enormous inventive perceptive capacity of raw mind—“first thought is best thought-is something so noble that only a few great Buddhist poets have achieved that.» - Allen Ginsberg (x)

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